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Making Cryptocurrency Fun Again

$REDCUP can also be purchased through the swap function in most Solana wallets

Click here for a guide on how to buy crypto on Solana

Token Address: 3Gji93o8SeAvYa9aVSLDGRWNP3LKN48RobLqqAk2pump


Thesis & Objective

Solana has dramatically changed cryptocurrency. Blockchain memes are now worth billions of dollars. However, the space is currently dominated by rug pulls, pump & dumps, and scams. The culture is one that is not sustainable: everyone trying to get rich quick. $REDCUP is here to redefine this culture and promote trust, transparency, and longevity. This project is geared toward long term investors who want exposure to meme coins that will be around forever. 



Red cups have long been an iconic symbol of casual gatherings and parties. When it comes to bringing people together for a fun time, nothing does it better. One red cup in particular, Cuppy, decided it was finally time to bring those vibes onto the blockchain. Our beloved, bold, and fearless leader has only one message for the community:

🥤"Don't forget to fill up your cup"🥤


A total of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) $REDCUP's were minted. You may notice there are less in circulation. That is because every time the community fills up Cuppy, tokens are burned to make room for more! Do not worry, our cups have no negative impact on the environment when burned. Also, there are no fees or transaction taxes!

🥤Just Good Vibes🥤


🔥Hot Cup Summer🔥



$100k Market Cap

In order to incentivize holding your cup, 1.0% of the remaining supply will be burned every time $REDCUP hits a new market capitalization milestone. The next burn will occur at a $100,000 market cap and include a $100 giveaway. The following will happen if this project is able to hit larger market cap milestones:

🔥Additional Burn Mechanics🔥

Current Market Cap ≈ $10k

  • $1M Market Cap: 1.0% supply burn, $200 giveaway, and a $1,000 donation to charity* 

  • $10M Market Cap: 1.0% supply burn, $500 giveaway, and a $2,500 donation to charity*

  • $50M Market Cap: 1.0% supply burn, $1,000 giveaway, and a $5,000 donation to charity*

  1. During the rest 2024, 0.1% of the remaining supply will be burned every Monday​

  2. On the first of every month, a random amount of $REDCUP will be burned (1 - 1M tokens)

  3. Tokens will also be burned when the following holder milestones are achieved:

  • 1,000 holders: 0.1% supply burn, $100 giveaway, and $200 donated to charity*

  • 10,000 holders: 0.5% supply burn, $500 giveaway, and $1,000 donated to charity*

  • 50,000 holders: 1.0% supply burn, $1,000 giveaway, and $2,000 donated to charity*

*Giveaways will be paid out in $REDCUP and the community will vote on the specific charity for each donation

🥤Flip Cup Fridays🥤

Every Friday will consist of a community event that will run through the weekend and conclude on Monday when we do our supply burn. All details can be found on Twitter (X) when the event starts.

Friday July 12th, 2024

$20 Giveaway

Friday July 19th, 2024

$20 Giveaway (Telegram exclusive)

Friday July 26th, 2024

Meme Contest

Friday August 2nd, 2024

Orca (DEX) $200 Giveaway

Friday August 9th, 2024

Gamble your $REDCUP 

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